Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do lesbian women flirt with girls?

I'm not considering it, lol, but I'm curious o__o Because when straight girls talk it's similar to guys and girls flirting with each other, except...well, it's not flirting. So how do lesbian women flirt, and how do they tell if the girl they're after is straight or gay?How do lesbian women flirt with girls?
There's no way to tell if the girl we are after is straight or gay other than straight out asking. It's why I've fallen for mainly straight girls. I find out later they're straight. :0/

Flirting is the same as a straight girl and a straight guy. Eye contact that never breaks, a smile throughout the whole conversation, touching, etc. It's the same. It is hard to tell at times whether a person is flirting or just being friendly. It's even worse when the person's a natural flirt so flirts with everyone.How do lesbian women flirt with girls?
like you see in movies.

when the girl flirts with the guy.

or if the guy flirts with the girl.
like what sara said, it's the same like straight people. But usually gay people use their gaydar first so if both parties know the other is gay then the chemistry will be different than friendship styles. ;)


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